Our Values

be the Client

Our focus is the client. When we are doing work, we are working for the client. We guide the client through the process of identifying opportunities and problems; and we help the client combine technology and business processes into solutions. To be the client means that the needs of the client are our needs. Everything we do is focused on solving the client’s business problems.

be the Student

We are Information Technology professionals. and that means our industry is a dynamic, ever-changing one. If we stop learning, if we stop teaching, then we stop growing. SCS encourages constant learning and growth. To be the student means to continuously learn. The more we know, the better we solve the client’s problems.

be the Helper

Collaborate. We are a team. We expect everyone to help one another; to provide solutions and options, to lend a hand or just be the rubber duck that someone needs. To be the helper means that we help each other deliver the best services and products possible. The more we help, the better we solve the client’s problems.

be the Geek

A geek is defined as “a knowledgeable and obsessive enthusiast” and we hire those we believe can be that. We are experts. We are passionate. We have the drive to grow and to become the best. To be the geek means that whatever your job title, then be the best at it. The better we are, the better we solve the client’s problems.

our Mission

We use Information Technology to solve business problems. While we value learning, communication, and excellence, our focus is solving the real-world business problems that our clients face. Our team works, to make our customers successful.