Using IoT sensors and CoreView softare, leaders can monitor, visualize, and manage a wide variety of data -- from pressures, temperatures, oil flow, vibration, and fleet management.

The single dashboard allows for complete remote monitoring and cloud compatibility for all system metrics.

With easily accessible data, information moves to action faster, eliminating downtime and increasing cost savings.

What Story is Your Data Telling You?

In a world full of data in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), teh information collected can be overwhelming and unused. Paired with increasing business pressures to manage costs and reduce downtime, how to effectively use data has become a focus for many leaders.

CoreView is a solution to Collect, measure, control, and analyze all of your important data in one dashboard, allowing for greater insight and predictions for modern businesses.

Data To Information

Information To Intelligence

Intelligence Into Action


Gain complete visibility into manufacturing processes with real-time monitoring. Track machine performance, process data, and production status from anywhere that enables quick decision-making.

Predictive Maintenance

Minimize costly downtime with predictive maintenance tools that identify potential equipment issues before they cause disruptions. Proactive maintenance, reduced downtime, and cost savings add to increased overall productivity.

Quality Control

Ensure product quality and consistency with reliable data provided through state-of-the-art sensors. Monitor and analyze data to identify and address quality issues in real time, reducing defects and waste.