Cyber Security

A proper Cyber Security process understands that while you need to have a focus on building secure environments, and ensuring your business is protected, You must also account for the actions and behaviors needed to quickly get your company productive again when you do have an incident.

With the speed and frequency of attacks increasing daily, it becomes a matter of time before your business is targeted and penetrated. You need professionals helping you design your protections as well as your recovery models to help your business through every step of the process.

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Cyber Resiliency

Cyber Resiliency is about knowing your risks, watching for attacks, being able to respond and sustain while an incident is ongoing, and then recovering from the attack. All while having the necessary tool, processes and environment to allow you to identify and watch for new or similar attacks.


The first aspect of cyber resilience is knowing where attacks may come from.


Being able to identify an issue, means that you can take steps to protect your team and systems, and detect attacks. This is security training, mail and URL filtering, anti-virus, and monitoring network traffic. If you’re not watching, you won’t know when an attack is actively hitting you.


Once an attack has been detected, you must respond, and every attack will have a different response. But there will be steps that are the same every time. You need a list of people to call for help and to let people know.


While you’re responding, you must also sustain your business-critical systems. How important is a specific server to your business? Can you work without it? Some operations are critical and cannot be ‘down’ even due to a cyber-attack.


Once you’ve responded, and have your business-critical systems running, you can respond to the attack. This response can be as simple as restoring a PC from backups up to you being required to spend thousands on annual credit reporting protections for all of your customers.