Senior Software Developer


The Software Developer role at SCS supports the design, development, maintenance, and troubleshooting of new and legacy systems for internal use and for external customer use. This role requires a desire to learn and to widen knowledgebase of current and legacy development techniques, languages, systems, and database strategies. The role equally requires very strong communication skills both written and verbal. The role of software developer also requires that the individual be personable and patient enough to extract specific information from potentially difficult people in potentially difficult environments. This position commands respect and should inspire customer and colleague confidence through words actions.


The responsibilities of all Software Developers at SCS encompass a very wide field of requirements. The list of responsibilities listed below are indicative of the responsibilities necessary to fulfil the software developer role at SCS:

  • Create, and document Software Solutions and Software Requirements combining understanding of best practices and requirements gathering techniques.
  • Write Code and Develop Solutions (Thick Client, Web, Service, or Database)
  • Document existing business processes and practices.
  • Meet with development team and team leads.
  • Document proposed business process and practice changes.
  • Develop effective Unit Tests.
  • Develop effective System Tests.
  • Negotiate priorities based on client requests and due dates.
  • Estimate project or task durations accurately.
  • Communicate expectations clearly to both internal and external stake holders.
  • Most importantly, develop solutions efficiently, effectively, with as little error or misses as possible while simultaneously maintaining a positive attitude and self-awareness while in front of team members, customers, and stake holders.

Position Requirements

Must have the following skills:

  • Development Experience of at least 8 years
  • Systems Requirements Gathering
  • End-to-End development experience is preferred.
  • Microsoft SQL Server (2008 and higher)
  • Visual Studio .NET languages (C# Primary, VB/ASP.NET Secondary, Core Working Knowledge)
  • Strong written and Verbal communication skills
  • Ability to mentor/coach other development staff

Development Operations


These are the documentation and planning aspects of software development and involve specification documentation and client interviews to understand and communicate requested or required programming. The use of these skills focuses on documenting detailed specific functionalities or detailing generic code requirements that aid in production of maintainable and reliable code. Additionally, other tasks related to the project but not directly related to code, data or testing would have those skills exercised here.


The coding skills required to complete projects largely depends on the solutions being requested or specified during the preparation phase. Code is the actual coding and development used for the building of actual software or the implementation of databases. These two tasks work to accomplish the goals of the specifications defined in the Preparation Phase of projects.


The Data/Configuration phase is where forms and pages will be pre-populated and formatted with existing data. The data conversions, if any, necessary for the successful completion of the project will be scripted and performed against the development databases during this phase when required of the project specifications.


Effective testing is the cornerstone of software development. Software Developers should possess the ability to UNIT test their code on their own by developing effective testing plans and procedures. The Testing phase contains internal code coverage tests performed at SCS and User Acceptance tests performed in conjunction with the relevant client stakeholders. On larger projects, additional team members will be added to the Testing Team to provide more comprehensive and robust procedures and testing.


Software Developers are expected to provide end-user documentation upon completion of coding projects. The level of documentation is dictated by our customers and in several cases requires documentation be created for each business unit or role-based user.

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