Who We Are

Twenty years of experience using IT to solve business problems.

Software Consulting Services helps businesses like yours run better by delivering premium IT expertise and custom solutions that solve your real world business problems.

Our knowledge, experience and focus on client satisfaction,has established SCS as an invaluable partner to businesses, and as the go-to consultant for local IT firms.

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What We Do

Custom IT Solutions for Your Successful Business

Cyber Security

From security assessments to actually securing your network, we have a number of cyber-security experts on hand to ensure you have as secure and safe a network as your business objectives allows.

Managed Strategic IT Planning

Your IT strategy needs to work hand-in-hand with your business strategy. Our experts can help you achieve that goal.

Network Engineering

We have experts on the proper configuration and design for your networks. This includes private on-premises, cloud-based and hybrid solutions.

Custom Software

Custom software allows automation and effeciencies that fits in with your competitive advantage and keeps what makes your business unique.

Support Services

Support Services is the first line of defense to ensure your employees have as few issues as possible while performing their jobs.

Enterprise Provisioning

A properly built software needs the right hardward to run it. We help provision the hardware and software you need to run your business securely.

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We are here to help businesses thrive, and we have the IT knowledge and resources to do so.


Why Was SCS Started?

It Was So We Could Do IT Better

When we started in 2003, we had been experienced IT Consultants for years. During that time, we watched with dismay as poor solutions, that were either over-engineered and under-engineered solutions were handled. This included how those situations impacted a business's ability to thrive (not to mention what it did to budgets). Worse, we still see this behavior today in IT. Especially rampant in the current MSP-style businesses, where a Managed Services Provider reseller promises security, patching and support, only to mail all that out to a call-center, and never actually service the client.

We saw those problems then, and we decided to be better than that. SCS was formed to provide the best IT service to other companies possible; to build solutions that solve the client's problems while fitting into their business strategy and budget constraints.

We deliver IT solutions to help our clients thrive at their business.

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